7 Strategies For Small Businesses to Boost TikTok Engagement

HAVE we ever thought when scrolling through the TikTok timeline, “how come this video can go viral on TikTok anyway?” Well, the answer to your question above is because of the TikTok algorithm itself.

Yes, your small business also uses the TikTok Algorithm too. If you are a TikTok influencer, you have to know your TikTok analytics.

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TikTok is indeed a very new application, so the TikTok algorithm does seem mysterious to users. But, like Instagram and Facebook, the TikTok algorithm is also influenced by several things.

Well, the explanation of the algorithm in TikTok can be described as a sequence of logical steps for solving a problem that is arranged systematically.

Or the language of simpler algorithms is a set of rules that must be followed to solve a problem. Do you want to be a TikTok influencer? You have to read the explanation below!

Get to know “FYP”
When we open TikTok, our homepage will be decorated with two tabs, namely the “Following” tab which is focused on the content of the account you follow (Follow), and the “For You” section or more often abbreviated as FYP.

FYP is an acronym for “For You Page” which is touted as the homepage, which contains many videos specially designed by TikTok for you.

If your video wants to go viral, then your video must be in the “For You” menu on someone else’s homepage, or your followers. When compared to Instagram, the For You page is similar to “Explore” on Instagram.

Determinants of The TikTok Algorithm
Based on the official TikTok website, this For You Page reflects the unique preferences of each user. The system on TikTok will recommend content by ranking these videos based on several factors.

Starting from the chosen interest and express it directly on TikTok from the beginning you register as a new account. TikTok also cleverly adapts to things you’re not interested in.

So this TikTok can form a personalization for your For You Page homepage. You must know the Best TikTok posting time.

Well, the recommendations that TikTok presents on the For You Page homepage are based on various factors, some examples of influencing factors, namely:

User Interaction
Video information. In the information factor of this video, there are a lot of things that influence it, starting from the captions, to the hashtags used in the video. Let’s review it more fully.

Use Location
Well, this location is also important and is one of the calculations for the TikTok algorithm. TikTok will recommend videos on other users’ For You pages through videos made by people who are not far from the user’s position.

Simply put, TikTok uses an algorithm based on proximity. So, don’t forget to post each of your location tags, so that audience engagement is also large and wide.

Using multiple hashtags will indeed allow videos uploaded on TikTok to enter the discovery and even the FYP page. However, this does not guarantee that your content is trending on TikTok if the hashtag used is irrelevant and does not connect with the content.

Try to keep the hashtags used in your TikTok videos relevant to the video content so that there are no mistakes and even backfire on your content.

An additional trick, try to search on the discover tab, what hashtags are trending and you can really try to participate. If you have a business, you can use this to increase your business engagement.

In this caption, the user can write a brief description of the contents of the video so that it attracts the attention of viewers so they can watch it until it runs out.

Song selection is also an important factor in order to be included on the For You page. Using songs and sounds that are currently hitting hits on TikTok will automatically make the video content that you create be seen by many people.

After knowing the tips above, you know your TikTok analytics, you know your best TikTok posting time, you know your TikTok engagement, and are you ready for your viral content on TikTok? comment below!

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