Facebook Is No Longer Facebook But Meta

THE essence of Facebook’s rebranding is in the name. It reflects the new goals of the entire company and shows its transition from a simple social network to a Metaverse.

You’ve probably already read what Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is (all news portals in all languages of the world have written about it at least a couple of times in the last couple of weeks).

And here’s an idea worth discussing: the metaverse can save the humanity from big conflicts that emerge from the usual development of the human society. Here’s an explanation in the video (english): https://youtu.be/YvPOshlZXBg .

Basically, humanity has been developing for centuries according to the capitalist model, providing itself with new markets through various types of colonization.

But, since there is nothing left to colonize, in the literal sense of the word (economically or militarily) (the Russian Federation + a couple of other countries), the drive for finding new markets should inevitably lead to a major conflict.

For some reason, the Russian Federation and the remaining two or three states do not want to become colonies. And Zuckerberg sees that. His metaverse, which global business hasn’t yet colonized, opens up phenomenal opportunities for the continued development of capitalism.

These opportunities, in their scope and scale, are quite comparable to the colonization in the time of Columbus.

What does this mean for you and me? There is a chance that there would not be any major troubles on planet Earth for the next number of years.

However, it seems like in the nearest decades the rapid climate change will become our biggest problem. (*)

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