Digital Marketplace Alta Partners Iconic Batik House Iwan Tirta

SOUTHEAST Asia’s largest digital marketplace for alternative investments, Alta has partnered with world-famous luxury brand, Iwan Tirta Private Collection.

Renowned for their exquisite pattern designs synonymous with Indonesia’s culture and heritage, Iwan Tirta Private Collection is a leader within Indonesia’s luxury Batik category.

Its Batiks are intricately hand drawn into one-of-a-kind pieces of luxury.

Established in the 1970s, Iwan Tirta Private Collection is an artisan-run modern Batik house with premium contemporary pieces.

Specializing in batik tulis (literally ‘written batik’), Iwan Tirta is famous for its distinct contemporary takes on the UNESCO World Heritage recognised method of wax-resist fabric dyeing, unique to the Indonesian archipelago.

Alta in 2022 acquired digital securities exchange Hg Exchange, bringing its private capital markets, fund management, and exchange businesses under one roof.

Through its blockchain-powered exchange (previously known as Hg Exchange), Alta has previously listed asset-backed security tokens, giving investors a unique opportunity to own highly coveted pieces of luxury assets, and is currently exploring non-fungible tokens for unique items.

In 2021, Alta successfully listed a digital asset-backed security with Diageo’s rare high-quality single malt Scotch whisky – Casks of Distinction as the underlying asset.

In similar fashion recently, Alta collaborated with PhillipCapital to list another digital asset-backed security through En Primeur wines as the underlying asset.

There is strong demand in the market for luxury products like whisky and wine. In 2021, the broader market for Scotch whisky exceeded both 2019 and 2020 from both a volume/value perspective and also investment growth.

The wine investments market performed well in 2021 as well, rising around 1% per month on average. Champagne (+31%) and Burgundy (+25%) performed particularly well.1

Kelvin Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Alta, said: “Alta strives to bring forward distinctive opportunities in alternative assets for its investor community.

Iwan Tirta Private Collection designs are world- famous for representing Indonesia’s cultural heritage and luxury Batiks, so it is an honor to welcome this partnership.

Alta is excited to be able to list a wide variety of high-end luxury assets on our exchange, making them more accessible than ever before.”

Widiyana Sudirman, Iwan Tirta Private Collection, said: “Each Batik by Iwan Tirta is hand crafted using the top-quality materials and their designs are deep-rooted in Indonesia’s cultural identity.

From Chinese mythology or Japanese flowers to Indian geometric patterns, the diversity of each Batik reflects the various cultural influences experienced by Indonesians.”

“Hand-drawn Batiks are increasingly recognized as valuable luxury assets, achieving international recognition through high-profile collaborations that bring Batik to the forefront of the world of fashion and textiles.”

Alta has established itself a key innovator in private markets technology by putting a strong emphasis on investor experience and streamlining an asset transaction process that has traditionally been slow-moving and opaque.

Alta’s digital exchange allows for investors to benefit from the unparalleled transparency and efficiency by tokenizing securities,digital assets on ablockchain but without the risks or barriers to entry that have been associated with other blockchain- enabled products such as cryptocurrencies.

Besides luxury assets, Alta has provided a wide range of curated investment opportunities with companies like Grab and Gojek, in fixed-income products, funds and other alternative assets.

About Alta
Alta, formerly known as Fundnel, is Southeast Asia’s largest digital marketplace for alternative investments. Fundnel Pte. Ltd. is regulated in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a capital markets services license holder and an exempt financial advisor.

In 2022, Alta acquired digital securities exchange Hg Exchange, bringing its private capital markets, fund management, and exchange businesses under one roof.

Through its blockchain-powered exchange (previously known as Hg Exchange), Alta is also able to support tokenization, digital custody, and trading of alternative assets.

Today, while more investors are looking to increase their allocation to alternative assets, the high costs of investing and illiquidity of private markets can often give many investors pause.

Alta makes it easier and more efficient than ever for investors to trade tokenized alternative assets at smaller, fractionalized blocks, thereby enhancing liquidity in the private markets, and bringing alternative assets to all.

Since 2016, Alta has completed over 1,000 transactions valued in excess of US$600 million and has created access for investors to invest in over US$22 billion worth of mandated opportunities globally.

Alta is headquartered in Singapore and operates several offices across Southeast Asia. For more information, visit

1. What are Asset-backed security (ABS) tokens?
Asset-backed security tokens are blockchain-powered tokens that are directly linked to securitized real-world assets. In other words, ABS tokens are a digital twin of a financial instrument that allows for the trading of a real world commodity. An asset-backed security token’s value is directly linked to the worth of its underlying asset. Ownership of the token represents a right of ownership over the asset. Investors invest in these securities with the expectation of future returns when the asset appreciates in value.

2. What is a Batik?
Batik refers to fabrics or objects produced by an Indonesian method of hand-printing using wax and dye. The Batik technique is traditionally made on fabric such as cotton, silk, linen or rayon. With advances in printing technology today, batik techniques can be reproduced on paper, wood, leather and ceramic surfaces.

3. What is asset securitization and tokenization?
Tokenization is not the same as securitization. Tokenization simply means the process of digitalization of a real-world physical asset into a token on blockchain. One of the use cases of tokenization is securitization, the process of creating what are called security tokens.

A security token represents rights of ownership, transfer of value, or promise of returns on assets that are tokenized on a blockchain.

4. Why is it necessary to securitize a token?
A security token can offer multiple benefits:
● A security token can offer fractional ownership of an asset, reducing the cost of investment and making the asset more affordable for investors to invest in.
● A security token offers transparency of ownership, faster transactions, security of personal data and enhanced liquidity.
● Security tokens are programmable. This allows for automation of various processes including management of rights of ownership, transfer of tokens etc.

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